Welding and Steel Fabrication

From traditional style farm gates, fire-screens and fenders to vehicle modifications and general welding Steve can help with your next project.

Fire-screens and fenders are a stylish addition to any fireplace and add security by keeping little hands away and stopping sparks. Our fire-screens and fenders can be custom made to fit any fireplace.

Or perhaps a farm gate is what you're after? Made in the tradition of the iconic Australian Sunshine Mackay gates these simple but elegant farm gates create a point of difference for your property.

Then again you might be looking for some custom vehicle modifications. A custom rack for your motorbike for carrying specialist equipment, or even a camp kitchen that fits snuggly in your trailer, or do you need a mobile fire-tanker - invaluable in bushfire prone areas?

Call Steve today on 0428 829 403 to discuss any welding and steel fabrication requirements.

Steel Farm Gate

A traditional style farm gate can add character to your property

Custom Bike Rack

Steve can help with any custom vehicle modifications.

Fire tanker

A custom made mobile fire tanker can help save your home during a bushfire. Holding 1000 litres of water and a powerful pump means you have water pressure and access to dam or tank water even if the mains water goes out due to power outages. Being mobile it also means you can move it to where it is needed most

Brass Fender

A beautiful fender stops house fires.

Brass Fire-Screen

A custom-made fire screen that is truly unique

Steel Fire-screen

A simple fire-screen is functional and elegant and fits your budget.

Multi-panel Fire-screen

This fire-screen has individual doors in the panels for easy access.

Folding Fire-screen

For the larger fireplace this screen has folding panels for easy use and storage.